Uzochukwu Uzodike.

Uzochukwu Uzodike
Founder Hangout Nigeria.
6 years industry experience.
In a few words tell us about yourself
BSc Management and Information Systems, Married
What inspired your interest in the hospitality and tourism industry?
 Personal fun character and the need to fill gaps in the industry.
What’s your vision for the hospitality & tourism industry?
Make Nigerian and African hospitality services the best in the world.
In what ways has your company contributed to the growth of the hospitality industry and it’s stakeholders?
We support and promote restaurant, hotels and bars meals, drinks and activities. We have organized a talent show called SOUL AFRIK. The show was designed to support and promote Soul & Neo Soul music in Nigeria and Africa.
What are your major challenges in your business?
It is expensive to reach the target market. The hospitality culture is still in a primary stage in Nigeria. Funding for original project ideas are tough to get.
What are your thoughts on the state of the hospitality & tourism industry in Nigeria?
The hospitality industry in Nigeria is still at a very young stage and still growing. It need to be better organized and exposed. The government owned facilities and destinations are in poor states. Private investors are needed in the industry.
How do you intend to join in the campaign of changing the game and perception of the hospitality & tourism industry in Nigeria?
Seek better and cheaper funding to rejuvenate dilapidated tourism area
Words of wisdom for intending and current industry stakeholders.
Renew your ideas frequently and keep pressing on
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