Rosana Forsuelo

Rosana Forsuelo
Wavecrest College of Hospitality – Provost
 35 years industry experience.
In a few words tell us about yourself.
I am from Philippines and have lived here in Nigeria since 1986.I am a social entrepreneur; I have dedicated my time and my whole life impacting skills and knowledge in hospitality to the underprivileged Nigerian youths for I believe that providing skills in hospitality has a triple-bottom – effect: sustainability/employability/ contribution to the development of the society. I am the Provost of Wavecrest College of Hospitality.. Academic Achievement: Master in Tourism Administration – tourism destination management at George Washington University, USA; BSc Hotel and Restaurant Management; BSc Commerce-Marketing Management; NVQ/NSQ External Verifier, Internal Verifier and Assessor in Hospitality and Tourism.
What inspired your interest in the hospitality and tourism industry?
It is a multifaceted career, dynamic and has global dimension. It is a career that one can be self-employed and employed, It is about caring for the others and changing lives through service..As a social entrepreneur, I know that if develop myself in this career, I will be able to change lives of so many people. It is something natural for a woman to take care of the home! We have to raise it to a certain level – that it can be a elevated as a career! this is one of my passions! To foster to value of hospitality not only as a career but for those who are involved in domestic work! Tourism industry – I love to travel and appreciate the beauty of nature! Whenever i see the wonders of nature, it transports me to the heights of appreciating the Creation. I am passionate about this industry for if we create awareness of the value of the tourism resources – we will be able to make use of them to earn the much needed income as well as protect the sensitive and scarce natural resources.
What’s your vision for the hospitality & tourism industry?
For Nigeria, I see it as a tool for cultural, socio-economic and environmental development. It can create and provide the needed employment to so many young people in this country! But before we can harness this employment opportunity – we have to have tourism policy and strong support form the government.
In what ways has your company contributed to the growth of the hospitality industry and it’s stakeholders?
Through training and education, Wavecrest is and will continue to supply the most needed human capital requirement for the industry. We have worked closely with the National Board for technical Education in preparation for the National Skills Qualification Framework which was inaugurated by the Hon. Minister of Education Last Feb.15, 2017. We have assisted and prepared the National Occupational Standards which was validated by the Sector Skills of Nigeria. I believe that this framework will change the quality of our human capital and the level of standard of hospitality and tourism operations. Our partnership with the Lagos State Employability Trust Fund .. a programme that will enhance quality training in hospitality for 1500 youths and enhance their employability.
What are your major challenges in your business?
As a private tertiary institution, we have problems of student enrollment, some parents do not understand that hospitality and tourism is a career. The general public perception of hospitality is tainted. To other people it is for those who did not manage to pass to go to university..
What are your thoughts on the state of the hospitality & tourism industry in Nigeria? 
We have a lot of things to do before we can develop this industry? The tourism policy should be in place and operational!! I know we had a study prepared by WTO (tourism plan) – tourism planning and frameworks for Nigeria from different levels but it should be implement. Perhaps we have to review it because it is now outdated. We need experts in the industry – not political appointees to manage the hospitality and tourism sector. This is very key – for the industry to thrive. State of tourism in Nigeria? still in its early stage of developments.. We all have to put our hands together to make it right!!
How do you intend to join in the campaign of changing the game and perception of the hospitality & tourism industry in Nigeria?
As a social entrepreneur and educator, I will put my very best and my power to train competent professionals
Words of wisdom for intending and current industry stakeholders.
We have to build the industry – through partnership with the private sectors. We have to raise the level of standards by taking care of the industry professionals: setting employment standards by providing equitable salary and welfare, good working environment! Develop them and be concern with their continuous professional development. Partnership with hospitality school by providing scholarships . and good internship practice.
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