Iyad Grizi

Iyad Grizi
CEO, Enjoy Africa Discounts & Tours.
3 years industry experience

In a few words tell us about yourself

I was born in Lagos, Nigeria.BSc. Petroleum Chemistry – MSc. Strategic Project Management.

What inspired your interest in the hospitality and tourism industry? 

The Enjoy Africa project is set up to strengthen the country’s economy, to showcase the beauty of africa and that is why i founded Enjoy Africa Discounts and Tours Limited. To give businesses the platform to easily grow. I believe all businesses should be on this platform, every business has a little bit of art in it and we want the world to see this.

What’s your vision for the hospitality & tourism industry?

My Love for Africa in general & to show the world the Beauty of Africa.

In what ways has your company contributed to the growth of the hospitality industry and its stakeholders?

By creating the first mobile tourism app “Enjoy Lagos – First Mobile Tourism Application in Nigeria”

What are your major challenges in your business?

It’s been challenging introducing the coupon culture and promoting domestic tourism. We are definitely making progress and hope that Nigerians will embrace this new type of tourism technology.

What are your thoughts on the state of the hospitality & tourism industry in Nigeria?

Nigerian hospitality & tourism industry is definitely improving.

Words of wisdom for intending and current industry stakeholders. 

We All Smile In The Same Language.

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